Sorrowful Ocean
Life is like vast ocean;
Full of sorrow and pain, 
joy less and worry main,
not to loose hope and energy regain,

to learn a lesson from each failure,
content with less and nothing to procure,
difficulties more but patience to endure,
no immediate result but success is sure.

If life was ever to be smooth -
who would pray and take oath?
Eat more and carry the weight?
sound sleep and get up late?

Life and death are two parts of wheel,
failure of any one may makes us to feel.
Life may move on and doesn’t come to an end;
Pray for success and ways to mend.

Who understands life but never lament?
No regrets but passing the comment,
trying very hard to overcome the shock.
Time never stops as clicks the time in clock.

Hardship may give you endurance and strength,
will power to withstand and go to any length.
No loss of face but to feel at ease,
success to knock and failure to cease.
Hasmukh Amathalal